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What is COPE National?

COPE National is the premier professional voice for electrolysis in Canada. It is incorporated by Federal charter and is a non-profit organization. Our members are seekers of excellence in the domain of electrolysis, the expertise of permanent hair removal.

COPE Nationalís goals are:

  • To maintain an honourable executive and respect for our members.
  • Unity for the profession in Canada to strengthen the status of electrolysis.
  • To listen, learn and teach, to encourage open and objective dialogue.
  • To foster peer support and camaraderie.
  • To debate, assess and report on current or new events.
  • To provide access to advanced, continuing education in electrolysis.
  • To recognize quality electrolysis training centres.
  • To provide reliable information and referrals to the public..
  • To support and appreciate electrolysis suppliers.

COPEís Position on Permanent Hair Removal:

Electrolysis, using conventional needle methods, is the only method that is classified, documented and proven as permanent hair removal. There is a great deal of misleading advertising, that many manufacturers of temporary methods use, to imply permanence. Electrolysis has been validated by medical studies for over 125 years.

A Short Guide to COPE Nationalís Code of Professional Ethics:

  • Mandatory professional standards of practice
  • To value the dignity and worth of all persons.
  • Integrity in relationships.
  • Responsibility to society and be held accountable for our conduct.
  • Pursuit of continuing professional education.
visitors since June 2000.

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